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Apptec HR software in Kenya

metal tagsCustomizable HR System
reportsCapture HR processes and approvals
payroll analysisEmployee self-service interface
payroll serviceEmployee data and profiles
file returnLeave, appraisal, attendance
tax advicePayroll processing module
tagging servicesBoth local and internet hosting
asset registerNGOs, pension managemnt schemes, companies etc
depreciation7 emploees to hundreds of employees

HR Management Software for Kenya

AppTec human resource management software is a web-based HR system designed for the efficient management of any company's most important asset, human resource. AppTec makes it easy and affordable for growing companies to transition from spreadsheets to a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that adapts to their changing needs.

By using AppTec HR Management System, HR professionals are relieved to perform other productive duties of the company as it saves lots of time to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle. The software will provide your company with well organized data and at the same time save your HR department lots of time in data manipulation and tracking of various processes.

The system's intuitive interface makes it remarkably easy to use while offering all the tools you will need to run your HR department smoothly. It also integrates smoothly with the Payroll module customized for the Kenyan market for Salary, Benefits, Returns and Deductions management. The information Apptec HRMS provides gives Senior management clear visibility of the HR Department through strategic indicators like employee turnover and performance, contribution to particular projects and even retention. The system can be configured to operate either over the internet or over your local network.

Why AppTec HR Software?

  • Web-based HR software
  • Unlimited no. of companies
  • Empower Employees to manage their HR data
  • Retain and access historical data
  • Easily share HR summaries with management
  • Distribute payslips via email
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Access Employee HR info from anywhere
  • Save time by allowing employees check their records e.g. leave balance & payslips
  • Manage overtime effectively
  • Get rid of payroll calculation errors

HR Software Features

Employee Profile

HR Employee data in kenya
  • AppTec HRMS captures employee contact and basic data including a profile picture,office contacts, home contacts, identification documents and emergency contact details.
  • Information regarding previous training and work experience including places worked and time periods.
  • The software also tracks professional memberships to various professional bodies indicating subscription validity and renewal dates.
  • Next-of-kin and spouse information - This captures next-of-kin details and spouse identification details.
  • Employee beneficiaries - Here, the HR department can manage a list of beneficiaries, what benefit they are entitled to and the percetage of benefit entitled.
  • A List of dependants and their relationship to the employee.
  • Job description - For each employee, contract details are recorded like job group, work details, department, work station, etc.
  • Reporting hierarchy - Relationship between supervisors and subordinates is defined.

Leave Management

Kenyan HR system Leave
  • The software allows user-definable leave types and Leave periods.
  • Allocation of leave entitlements to vaious leave types for each employee as per kenyan standards. The system automatically does entitlement verification during leave application and approval.
  • Manage carryovers from previous periods by determinging maximum days to carry over and the date by which those days must be utilized.
  • Manage leave application and approval process. The software controls leave application based on the current leave period, leave type and days entitled. Multilevel approval is provided through customizable approver defination that ties employee to a specific approver / approvers. It is also possible to cancel remaining days during ongoing leave period. This HR system allows online application and approval since it can be hosted over the internet.
  • Generate leave usage reports. A detailed report is given showing the leave entitlement against usage in terms of days entitled, days spent and leave balance.
  • Send automated email notifications. Whenever an application or approval is made, the software generates email notification and sends to all relevant parties.
  • The system allows flexible leave allocation as per your company policies. Carrying forward of leave days from previous period also supported.
  • Easy management of holidays and days to be exempted.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Kenyan HR system Leave
  • The software allows user-definable projects, tasks and hours types.
  • It captures employee time spent on various projects and the specific tasks done including time intervals. The system then calculates the hourly contribution of each employee to various projects for the whole month and gives a report.
  • The system calculates the hourly contribution of each employee to various projects for the whole month and gives a report.
  • Overtime hours worked are recorded under this module and can be linked to payroll module for compensation.
  • Customizable attendance/timekeeping policies are supported by this software.
  • The system also provides an approval process for timecards submitted by the employee before compensation can be done
  • Data from your time & attendance system can be imported and processed as input for payroll calculations
  • Exporting feature is provided allowing moving of data to Excel.

HR Software Features

HR Training & Development Module

HR sotware employee Development
  • This module enables the HR Department to publish a catalogue of all available trainings with details on content and traing venue. This enables the staff to make informed choices on available training offers. It also specifies the category of employees to whom the courses are relevant.
  • The system tracks each training undertaken and records what objectives were met. This informatin is useful when the Human Resource manager or supervisor is tracking employee development, doing appraisal and allocating responsibilities. Based on this, future trainings can be recommended.
  • Manages a well categorized Library of training resources that employees can access. Soft copies of various training guides, product manuals, video clips, etc are stored in a well organized manner and can be dowloaded by staff.

Performance Appraisal Management

HR system Appraisal
  • The Software allows definition of performance periods and different performance plans.
  • Allows definition of KPIs and targets for each employee that are to be met at the end of the performance period. These KPIs outline the objectives to be met and the measurement criteria that will be used during the appraisal. Both the employee and his/her supervisor agree before loading the KPIs to the system while the HR department facilitates the process.
  • Tracks each KPI and allocates a score after appraisal is done. Once a particular working period is over, the score arrived at during appraisal is updated in the system.
  • The system calculates an overall score for each performance period. Each performance period can have several performance plans covering particular time periods and purposes. The system computes an average score of all the plans within that period, normally one year.
  • The software records recommendations and feedback given by the managent for future use in promotions, salary review, etc. After completing each appraisal, the management and the HR Department can give recommendations for training, bonuses, promotions, etc for the affected employee. This information forms the basis for future decision making.

Management of Policy Documents & HR Forms

HR software Policy Documents
  • This Module Manages a library of well categorized policy documents and company forms for users to view and download. Documents covering company policies and code of conduct can be posted here for the staff to view and read. Various bussiness forms and pplication forms can be put here and be categorized by department and function.

System Access Control & User Management

  • Allows client create and manage system users. Enabling and Disabling a user's access to the system is possible.
  • Manages Authentication by username and password.
  • Controls level of access based on whether a user is an employee,payroll admin, hr manager, a supervisor or an administrator thereby determining what functions to access.

Contacts Directory

  • A directory containing employee name, department, location, phone number and email
  • Easy to search an employee using as little information as one name, department, etc
  • Enhances staff communication and collaboration.

Payroll Module

User Customizable Settings

usersettings Personalize your payroll system by configurings settings specific to your organization. All settings are updatable at any time.
  • Set Company Name, Contacts, Logo, PIN No, NHIF No, NSSF No. Several companies can be setup.
  • Settings for organizational structure - Departments, Units, Stations
  • Employee Specific Settings - hourly rate, personal relief, allow overtime, PIN no, etc
  • Unlimited number of benefits, deductions, earnings
  • Settings for banks and branches
  • Editable lookup table and settings for PAYE, NSSF and NHIF calculation

Integration with Kenyan HR Management Softwares

hrsystem Apptec Payroll seamlessly integrates with AppTec HR Management System.
  • Centralised management of employee records - contacts, contract details, beneficiaries
  • Relate payroll to leave management
  • Relate payroll to timesheets and overtime management module
  • Reporting structure in the HR software is used for approval of requests e.g salary advance approval
  • Employee Self Service in the HR system is used by employees to access and download payslips

Web-based Payroll Software

onlinepayroll This software can run on your intranet or over the internet allowing employees to access limited features e.g. apply for salary advance, submit overtime and view / download payslips from wherever they are.
  • Save time by allowing employees submit their overtime which is approved by their line managers before getting to HR
  • Employees in the field don't have to call HR to confirm their approvals or get payslips.
  • Employees can view historical payslips and download them
  • Management can access payroll summary data remotely
  • System can be accessed via multiple devices including tablets and phones

Workflow for Payroll Requests

workflow The system allows employees to submit requests which are automatically escallated to their line manager. After approval by line managers, the requests are forwarded to HR.
  • Salary Advance workflow
  • overtime hours workflow
  • Leave request workflow

Detailed Payroll Reports

reports AppTec Payroll generates standard reports for statutory returns & also custom reports for internal use.
  • Standard returns for KRA NHIF and NSSF
  • Payslips - View, Print and send by Email
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Payroll summary reports
  • Cost comparison between months, years and cost centres

AppTec Payroll Reports

  • Monthly payroll
  • Payroll journal
  • Pay change report
  • Staff welfare contribution
  • Deductions report
  • Pay Slips
  • P.A.Y.E Returns
  • N.S.S.F. Returns
  • N.H.I.F Returns
  • Payroll Summaries

Scalable Payroll Software fit for Kenya

scalable software This is a flexible software that can fit the needs of any organization. We have a well qualified team to make all the necessary adjustments.
  • There is no limit to the number of employees that can be managed
  • Supports multiple companies
  • Allows access by multiple users concurrently
  • Installarion at the server only thus making updating easy and fast
  • Historical data stored and can be retrieved
  • Allows import and export of data
  • The software provider is based in Nairobi, Kenya and is available to make all necessary adjustments

What to look for in a Payroll Software in Kenya

Below are some of the key considerations to make when choosing payroll software in kenya. The system should be easy to use, easily customizable and flexible to accomodate the growth in your work force.
  1. Friedly user interface - the software should be easy to use and have an intuitive interface. The user should be able to add, edit and view data in a convenient and comfortable manner.
  2. Perform all the functions indicated / required by the client - The system should be able to perform all the payroll functions that the customer requires plus those required by the regulatory authorities.
  3. Customizable Payroll Software - The vendor should be in a position to make necessary adjustments as required by the needs of the customer.
  4. Networkable - The Software should be able to work in a networked mode. A web-based payroll is preferred as it allows users to connect using a web browser and updtating it is also easy.
  5. Connectivity over the internet - It should be possible to host the payroll system in a web server if one needs to have the employees access it remotely eg. Employees working in the field can apply for overtime and view their payslips.
  6. Payslips and ePayslips - Payslip printouts are necessary when applying for bank loans for example. There should also be a capability to send payslips to employees via email.
  7. Employee Self Service - The employees whould be able to access limited areas of the Payroll software to submit requests for salary advance, leave of absence and overtime hours. They should also be able to view / download their payslips and P9A card for KRA returns.
  8. Integration with Time and Attendance systems - The Payroll system you choose should be able to integrate with your Clocking system in terms of taking the time data from the cloking system and using it for payroll calculations. There should be flexibility to allow interwoking with the basic salary e.g deductin of the hours an employee came late from the basic salary.
  9. Workflows - The software should allow for approval process for leave, overtime and salary advance Email functionality - The emploees need to be kept up to date on the flow of their requests e.g when overtime application has been approved, an automated mail should be sent to the employee.
  10. Reports - It should provide ready to use standard reports as per business requirements. Standard PAYE, NSSF and NHIF reports should be provided.

Outsourced Payroll Processing Services in Kenya

bookkeeper in kenya
  • Using a state-of-the-art Payroll and HR Software, we create and maintain employee profiles capturing their HR data, statutory registration numbers, pay group, department, station, e.t.c. Your existing employee data can be imported and be used as the basis for the payroll.
  • For new employees, we follow up on their registration with KRA, NSSF and NHIF.
  • Configuration of payroll parameters per employee e.g whether to allow overtime, personal relief, etc
  • Data entry to capture vaiours earnings, deductions and benefits per employee
  • Processing of attendance and overtime records and incorporation into the payroll
  • Payroll calculation processing at the frequency of your choice - weekly, biweekly or monthly
  • Generation of Payroll Summary Reports and submission to management for approval and payment authorization
  • Generation of Payslips
  • Distribution of Payslips to employees via Email
  • Calculation and reporting on statutory deductions
  • Filing of tax returns for PAYE, NSSF and NHIF
  • Filing of quaterly and annual returns with KRA
  • Payroll Analysis with comparisons and trends between different time periods.
  • Providing professional advice on kenyan laws affecting payroll and taxation
  • Generation of output data to be imported into your accounting system

Why Kenyan SMEs use our Payroll Processing Services

  1. Our service is provided by well experienced, qualified and professional accountants
  2. We are well versed with the kenyan labour and tax laws and will give you the right advice
  3. We give a personalised service dedicating all the time you need
  4. A highly flexible software that is constantly being updated to take care of changes in the market. If you prefer we use your existing software we will be happy to do so.
  5. Save on operational costs as you benefit from our competitive rates in the market
  6. We offer timely payroll processing ensuring your employees are satisfied and that you also avoid tax penalties
  7. Since we understand the importance of your finantial data, we respect and treat your information with privacy and confidentiality
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