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Asset Tagging Products

Apptec Solutions Ltd is an Asset Tagging Company in Kenya specializing in anodized aluminium barcode tags. We provide durable acetone-activated or self-adhesive aluminium tags with qrcode or barcodes. We are based in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Barcode asset tags / labels - anodized aluminium metal, vinyl, paper
  • Metallic QR Code tags
  • Acetone-activated tags
  • Self-sticking adhesive tags
  • Asset Management Software

Asset Tagging Services

For over ten years, our company has proven to be among the best asset tagging companies in Kenya.
  • Tagging and data capture services
  • Asset tagging and register development
  • Fixed asset tagging & verification
  • We provide aluminium barcode/qrcode tags to the East African region - in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia & South Sudan.
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    Aluminium Asset Tags & Labels in Kenya

    aluminium tags in Kenya An asset tag is an identification label containing a unique ID of the asset. To enhance accuracy, a barcode/qrcode representation of the ID is printed on the tag which can then be scanned with a barcode scanner and sent to the asset management software. The labels also contain company logo. Our company in Kenya specializes in anodized aluminium asset tags with acetone-activated or self-sticking adhesive.

    Asset Tagging Services in Kenya

    asset tagging in Kenya Fixed asset tagging is the process of fixing an identification tag or label to a tangible asset followed by creation of an asset register.
    Anodized Aluminium tags containing a barcode / qrcode are the most common type of tagging labels used. Once tagging has been done, all asset data is compiled into a register. Apptec is an asset tagging company specializing in anodized aluminium tags and asset tagging services in Kenya. We are located in Nairobi along Muthithi road.

    Asset Tagging Software

    asset tagging An Asset Tagging and Management System aids in the process of planning and control of the acquisition, good use, maintenance and disposal of assets so as to maximize their service delivery over their entire life.

    Through AppTec Asset Management Software, we provide a comprehensive asset management platform where you eficiently manage your asset register once tagging has been done. The system is flexible and customizable.

    Asset tagging usually applies to: Furniture and Fixtures, Office Equipment, Computers & Accessories, Plant & Machineny and Motor Vehicles.

    Barcode Tags Verification

    tag samples We provide wireless barcode scanners ideal for scanning aluminium tags during asset register verification after tagging has been done. The scanners have memory for storing scanned codes. Our company has been supplying scanners to many companies in Kenya.

    Metallic Barcode/QR-Code Tags Available in Kenya

    Anodized Aluminium Asset Tagging

    anodized aluminium tag

    Anodized aluminium tagging utilizes labels made of rigid aluminium metal, 0.5mm thick. They are durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors. This type is recommended for most tagging requirements. The tags are to be applied on a flat surface using peel and stick or acetone-activated adhesive.
    We have tagging machines capable of producing customized labels of various sizes.

    Aluminium Foil Tags

    aluminium foil tag

    These aluminium labels are flexible to allow fitting on various types of surfaces. They can be used in most cases of tagging.They have high resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Barcodes containing asset number of qrcodes containing asset description can be printed on them.

    Other Tagging Labels Available in Kenya

    Polyester Asset Tagging

    polyester tag labels

    Polyester labels are usually used on indoor equipment and machines. They are made of 2.0 mil polyester and usually contain company name, logo, asset number and barcode. These are flexible and used for tagging almost any type of surface e.g around cables.

    Vinyl Tagging Labels

    vinyl tag labels

    These labels are not as tough as polyester or aluminium tags. They are good for indoor use where less interferance is expected. They are also good for labeling cables.

    Our Products in Asset Tagging

    Fixed Asset Tagging & Management System

    asset software

    We provide a comprehensive and customizable asset management software. The system captures all identification and financial data of fixed assets (asset register) and tracks maintenance history (for machines and equipment). It also automates depreciation calculations. It integrates with tags provided by most tagging companies in kenya.

    Aluminium Barcode/QR-code Fixed Asset Tags

    aluminum asset tags

    We supply aluminium barcode & QR code tags containing your logo, serial number and barcode or qr code. Mostly anodized aluminium tags are used because they are tamper-proof and last long. Other tagging materials include aluminium foil tags, polyester tags and vinyl tags. The tags come with either self-adhesive or acetone-activated adhesive. Our machines are able to produce tags of various sizes.

    Wireless Barcode Tag Scanners

    barcode scanner

    To make data capture accurate and efficient, a barcode reading machine is used to capture the information on the tags and transmit it to the software. This is important at the initial data capture and creation of an asset register but also in subsequent asset verification or audit. We supply standard barcode scanners which can work with most types of tags.

    Our Asset Tagging Services

    Asset Tagging & Data Capture

    asset register

    Our company offers professional asset tagging and data capture services in Kenya which entails fixing the tags on your assets followed by collection of the asset details for form the asset tagging register. The register can either be created from scratch or by updating an existing one. The register can also be formated for importing into existing asset management system.

    Tagging And Verification Services

    asset verification

    We offer asset verification services to companies whose assets are already tagged. It entails taking the existing asset register and verifying which assets exist on the ground. After the exercise, assets that could not be accounted for are flagged. This process is made more efficient by use of barcode scanners and an asset verification software.

    Asset Tagging Template & Training

    asset software

    Our company provides free training to our clients on how to conduct tagging internally. We also provide tagging templates for creating asset register.
    On deploying the asset management software, training and customization is offered so that you get a system that meets your specific needs. The template can also be downloaded from the system.

    Why Do Fixed Asset Tagging?

    Increase security of your assets and facilitate recovery of lost or stolen assets. Tagged assets can be easily identified.
    Save time and money on register verification by automating the inventory taking process. Barcode tags make the audit process very fast as the software can lookup the asset details.
    Increase accuracy by reducing human errors in collecting asset data using barcode scanners.
    tag Asset tags provide an easy way of tracking assets as they move through the organization
    assets Asset tagging helps you gain an accurate overview of corporate assets. The value of assets is an important input into a company's books of accounts.
    It is easy to keep record of employee responsibility over allocated assets.

    Which Assets Require Tagging?

    Assets that require monitoring and tracking
    Equipment and machines which require routine maintenance
    Assets that require ownership verification
    Assets that are likely to be lost, stolen or damaged
    asset tag Your insurer may require some assets to be tagged for verification and record keeping

    Asset Tagging Register Classes

    The most commonly tagged assets fall under the classes below:

    • Furniture and fittings
    • Computer and accessories
    • Office equipment
    • Motor vehicles
    • Machines and tools
    company logo

    Include Company Logo on your asset tags

    Since your logo is prorietary and unique, including it on your tags makes them stand out and become easy to identify.
    • The name and logo are the basic company identification elements
    • A logo adds a professional touch to your tags
    • It makes it harder to counterfeit your asset tags and labels
    • It's easier to identify the owner of an asset at a glance

    Components of an asset tag

    tag contents An asset tag / label usullay comprises the physical piece of material on which the company name / logo plus asset specific information is printed.
    • Piece of material (usually made of aluminium) on which asset details are printed
    • Company / organization name and logo
    • An asset identification number which is human readable
    • Barcode or qr code representation of the asset identification number
    • Adhesive for sticking the tag on the asset

    Asset Register Tag Numbers

    barcode design Each asset requires a unique identification number which distinguishes it from all other assets. This number should be printed in the form of barcode or qr code which can be read using a scanner.
    • If you have many assets of the same type, part of the ID should be a serially incremented number to distinguish the assets.
    • The ID should not be too long to fit on the tag
    • Both the asset ID and its Barcode should be printed on the tag
    • It's recommended to seperate the various parts of the ID using a space, dash or slash
    We have provided free tagging and asset coding advice to many companies in Kenya.

    Why Consider QR Code Tags?

    qr code tag
    • A qr code can carry much more information than a barcode. A whole sentence can be put into a qr code for example
    • It occupies very little space campared to the same information being printed on a barcode tag
    • Qr code tags can be read from any angle while barcode tags have to be read horizontally only
    • Qr codes have better error margin thus easier to read even on dirty surfaces.

    Tagging Process Using Aluminium Acetone-activated Labels / Tags

    Acetone-activated adhesive is one of the best adhesives in the market for fixing asset tags and labels. It comes already attached to the tag but in a dry form.
    It needs to be activated using acetone liquid for it to stick.
    Below is the tagging process:
    • Clean the surface to be tagged to remove dust, grease, oils or any other form of dirt.
    • Remove the paper lining covering the acetone-activated adhesive at the back of the tags
    • Dip a small brush in acetone and quickly apply it over the adhesive making sure that all of it gets wet
    • Place the tag on the surface to be tagged and press gently
    • Capture all item data and update the asset register
    • Allow to dry for a few days and the tags should be firmly fixed

    Asset Tagging Register Template

    An asset tagging register template is a detailed list containing fields to capture various key elements of the assets. One major step in the asset tagging process is the creation of an asset register. The most common fields in an asset tagging register template are listed below:
    • Tag number
    • Description
    • Serial number
    • Make and model
    • Location
    • Date of purchase
    • Purchase value


    What is an asset tag?

    An asset tag is a label put on an item to brand and uniquely identify it. It comes with a logo, a barcode or Qr code and a unique serial number to uniquely identify the asset on which it is fixed.

    What is asset tagging?

    Asset tagging is the process of fixing an asset tag/label with a unique number on a fixed or movable asset to be able to identify it. Tagging also involves collecting the asset data into an asset register.

    How do I fix the asset tags?

    Asset tags come with an adhesive at the back. For self-adhesive tags, you just peel off the paper at the back to expose the active adhesive then apply pressure to fix the tag on the asset. For acetone-activated aluminium tags, peel off the paper at the back then slightly apply acetone to activate the adhesive after which you apply gentle pressure to fix the tag on an asset.

    What is asset register development?

    Asset register development is the compiling of descriptive information regarding the tagged items and putting it together to form an asset register. Asset tagging is of little value without developing a register. An Excel asset register template can be used to capture the data.

    What is a QR code tag?

    A Qrcode tag contains a qrcode as opposed to barcode. QR Code is the short form of Quick Response Code. The information is encoded into square shapes with irregular grid lines inside. They are credited with holding more information than barcodes and can be read using most smart phones.

    What is a barcode tag?

    Barcode tags contains a barcode containing the asset number. As the name suggests, this is an image that has parallel lines (bars) of different thickness with spaces in between. The image contains some coded information usually decoded using a barcode scanner.

    What is acetone-activated adhesive?

    Acetone-activated adhesive comes in dry form and needs to be activated using acetone liquid before sticking. It is the most popular tagging adhesive.

    What is asset register verification?

    Asset register verification is the process of confirming that all of an organization's assets are intact and the condition in which they are. It involves physically confirming that what is on the asset register is on the ground.

    What To Expect From Asset Tagging Companies In Kenya

    An asset tagging company should be able to guide you on the best way to tag and manage your assets. The company should be able to advice you on how to code your assets, design the tags, conduct the tagging process and update the asset register.
    If possible get the whole package from one company - tags, tagging, register updating, asset system and scanners.
    Since you will be needing additional tags from time to time, the turn-around time from ordering to delivery is also key.

    Asset Tags Prices In Kenya

    The price of asset tags depends mainly on the quantity of tags orders. Cost per unit is discounted the more tags you order. If the dimensions of the tags is larger than the standard size of 39mm by 13mm, the cost may go up.

    For more details send us a quote request:
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