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Fixed Asset Tags in Kenya

metal tagsAluminium Metal Barcode Tags
foil tagsMetallic QR Code Labels
polyester tagsAcetone-activated Asset Tags

Asset Management Software

asset softwareWeb-based Fixed Asset Software/System
barcode scannersWireless Barcode Scanners
integrationAutomate Your Asset Management

Asset Tagging Services

tagging servicesAsset Tagging & Data Capture Services
asset registerFixed Asset Register Development
depreciationAsset Verification Services

Tagging Products & Services

Apptec Solutions Ltd is a company specializing in provision of barcode asset tags, asset tagging services and barcode scanners in Kenya. We provide durable aluminium asset tags with qr code or barcodes suitable for all movable assets. Customizable asset labels of various sizes are available for labeling your assets. We are based in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Barcode asset tags / labels - anodized aluminium metal, vinyl, paper
  • Metallic QR Code tags
  • Acetone-activated tags
  • Self-sticking adhesive tags
  • Wireless barcode scanners
  • USB barcode scanners
  • Asset management software
  • Asset software hosting
  • Tagging and data capture services
  • Asset register development
  • Fixed asset verification services
We provide barcode tags to the East African region - in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia & South Sudan.
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Fixed Asset Tagging and Management

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Fixed Asset Tagging Services in Kenya

Fixed asset tagging is the process of fixing an identification tag or label to a tangible asset followed by creation of an asset register. Barcode tags containing a unique ID, barcode / qr-code, company name and logo are the most common types of labels used. Once the tag is fixed on the asset, all descriptive data relating to it e.g description, serial number,location, etc is colleted and compiled into a register. Apptec solutions is an asset tagging company specializing in barcode tags and asset tagging services. We are located in Nairobi, Kenya along Westlands road.


Barcode Asset Tags & Labels in Kenya

An asset tag is an identification label containing a unique ID of the asset on which it is stuck using a strong adheive. The ID is mostly in the form of a serial number. To enhance accuracy, a barcode/qrcode representation of the ID is printed on the tag which can then be read with a barcode scanner and sent to the asset management software. The labels / tags also contain company name and logo. We specialize in anodized aluminium asset tags with acetone-activated or self-sticking adhesive thus ensuring the tags we provide in Kenya are best quality.

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Fixed asset management

Fixed asset management is the process of decision-making, planning and control over the acquisition, good use, maintenance and disposal of assets so as to maximize their service delivery potential and manage the related risks and costs over their entire life.

Through AppTec Fixed Asset Management Software, we provide a comprehensive asset management platform where you track details of each asset including their name, serial number, cost, depreciation, location, person allocated, e.t.c. The system is flexible and customizable to cater for specific needs.

Assets tagged usually include - Furniture and Fixtures, Office Equipment, Computers & Accessories, Plant & Machineny and Motor Vehicles.

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Wireless Barcode Scanners

We provide wireless barcode scanners for scanning both 1D (barcode) tags and 2D (qr code) tags. The coverage area is about 100M but depends on the level of obstruction. The scanners have memory meaning you can do the scanning in the field as you save the codes then upload later. Our scanners come with instruction manual and warranty for a year. We have many clients in Kenya already using the scanners.

Metallic Barcode/QR-Code Tags Available in Kenya

metallic tag Anodized Aluminium asset tags 
These tags are made of rigid aluminium metal, 0.5mm thick. They are durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors. This category is recommended for most tagging requirements. The tags are to be applied on a flat surface using self-sticking or acetone-activated adhesive.
foil tag Aluminium Foil asset tags 
These are durable but flexible to allow fitting on various types of surfaces. They can be used in most cases of tagging.It has high resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

Other types of Tags Available in Kenya

polyester tag Polyester asset tags 
Polyester tags are usually used on indoor equipment and machines. They are made of 2.0 mil polyester and usually contain company name, logo, asset number and barcode. These are flexible and can be applied on almost any type of surface e.g around cables.
vinyl tag Vinyl Asset Labels
These labels are not as tough as polyester or aluminium. They are good for indoor use where less interferance is expected. They are also good for labeling cables.

Our Products in Asset Tagging

asset software Fixed Asset Management Software
We provide a comprehensive and customizable asset management software. The system captures all identification and financial data of fixed assets (asset register) and tracks their location, custodian, maintenance history and condition. It automates the asset depreciation calculations and gives a financial report. Both usb and wireless barcode scanners can be connected to it for reading barcodes / QR codes.
asset tags Barcode/QR-code Fixed Asset Tags
We supply quality barcode & QR code tags containing your logo, company name, serial number and barcode or qr code. Mostly anodized aluminium tags are used because they are tamper proof and last long. Other tagging materials include aluminium foil tags, polyester tags and vinyl tags. The tags come with either self-sticking adhesive or acetone-activated adhesive.
barcode scanner Wireless Barcode Scanners
To make data capture accurate and efficient, a barcode reader is used to capture the information on the tags and transmit it to the software. This is important at the initial data capture and creation of an asset register but also in subsequent asset verification or audits. We supply standard barcode scanners which can work with most types of tags.

Our Services in Asset Tagging

asset register Asset Tagging & Data Capture
This includes fixing the tags on your assets, scanning the barcodes into the software database, inputing other asset data e.g description, manufacturer, model, location, custodian,cost, asset picture etc and generation of an asset register detailing all your assets. Both soft and hard copies of the register are provided. The register can also be formated for importing into existing asset management system.
asset validation Register Data Verification
We take your existing asset register and go on the ground verifying which assets exist. After the exercise, assets that could not be accounted for are flagged. We also do routine verification (audit) on your existing register against what is physically found on the ground.
asset software Asset Software Customization
Since the fixed asset management software we supply is developed by us, we customize it to cater for your input so that you get a system that meets your specific needs. The system is open to work with other systems through allowing database access, customized export files or API.

Why tag your Fixed Assets?

Increase security of your assets and facilitate recovery of lost or stolen assets. Tagged assets can be easily identified and this discourages theft and if stolen the tags can be used as prove of ownership.
Save time and money on inventory taking and asset audit process by automating the inventory process. Barcode tags make the audit process very fast as the software can lookup the asset details.
Increase accuracy by reducing human errors in collecting asset data. A barcode scanner ensures accuracy in reading asset identification numbers.
Improve planning and budgeting for new assets. The asset register is useful in tracking asset depreciation and is useful for planning purposes.
tag Asset tags provide an easy way of tracking assets as they move through the organization
asset tag Asset tags are required by insurance providers for validation and record keeping
assets Asset tagging helps you gain an accurate overview of corporate assets. The value of asset is an important input into a company's books of accounts.
It is easy to keep record of employee responsibility over allocated assets. Once assets have been tagged, you can easily track who has been alloated what and this encourages responsible use of assets.

Which assets require tagging?

Assets that require monitoring and tracking
Assets that require ownership verification
Assets that are likely to be lost, stolen or damaged
tag Assets that require frequent audit
asset tag Your insurer may require some assets to be tagged for validation and record keeping

The most commonly tagged assets fall under the classes below:

  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Computers and accessories
  • Office equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Machinery and tools

company logo

Include Company Logo on your asset tags

Since your logo is prorietary and unique, including it on your tags makes them stand out and become easy to identify.
  • The name and logo are the basic company identification elements
  • A logo adds a professional touch to your tags
  • It makes it harder to counterfeit your asset tags and labels
  • It's easier to identify the owner of an asset at a glance

Components of an asset tag

tag contents An asset tag / label usullay comprises the physical piece of material on which the company name / logo plus asset specific information is printed.
  • Piece of material (usually made of aluminium) on which asset details are printed
  • Company / organization name and logo
  • An asset identification number which is human readable
  • Barcode or qr code representation of the asset identification number
  • Adhesive for sticking the tag on the asset

Barcode and Asset ID generation

barcode design Each asset requires a unique identification number which distinguishes it from all other assets. This number should be printed in the form of barcode or qr code which can be read using a scanner.
  • The ID should capture the asset type or category
  • If you have many assets of the same type, part of the ID should be a serially incremented number to distinguish the assets.
  • The ID should not be too long to fit on the tag
  • Both the asset ID and its Barcode should be printed on the tag
  • It's recommended to seperate the various parts of the ID using a space, dash or slash

Why consider QR code tags?

tag contents
  • A code can carry much more information than a barcode. A whole pagagraph can be put into a qr code for example
  • It occupies very little space campared to the same information being printed on a barcode
  • Qr code can be read from any angle while barcode has to be read horizontally only
  • It has better error margin thus easier to read even on dirty surfaces.

How to tag using acetone-activated labels

Acetone-activated adhesive is the best adhesive in the market for fixing asset tags and labels. It comes already attached to the back of the tag but in a dry form. It needs to be activated for it to stick to the surface being applied to using acetone.
Below are the steps to follow:
  • Clean the surface to be tagged to remove dust, grease, oils or any other form of dirt. You can use a dump cloth and a mild detergent
  • Dry the surface
  • Remove the paper lining covering the acetone-activated adhesive at the back of the tags
  • Dip a small brush in acetone and quickly apply it over the adhesive making sure that all of it gets wet
  • Place the tag on the surface to be tagged and press gently
  • Allow to dry for a few days and the tags should be firmly fixed
  • NB: Acetone vapourises easily and is highly flamable.


What is an asset tag?

An asset tag is simply a label put on an item to uniquely identify it. It comes with a logo in full color or in black and white, a bar code or Qr code and a unique serial number to uniquely identify the asset on which it is fixed on.

What is Asset tagging?

Asset tagging is the process of fixing an asset tag/label on a fixed or movable asset to be able to identify the asset using the unique code given to it.

How do I fix the asset tags?

Asset tags come with an adhesive at the back. For self-sticking tags you just peel off the paper at the back to expose the active adhesive the apply pressure to fix the tag on the asset. For acetone-activated tags, you peel off the paper at the back then slightly apply acetone to activate the adhesive then apply gentle pressure to fix the tag on an asset.

What is register development?

Asset register development is the compiling of descriptive information regarding the items onto which asset tags have been fixed and putting it together to form an asset register. Asset tagging is of little or no value without developing a register.

What is a barcode?

As the name suggests this is an image that has parallel lines (bars) of different thickness with spaces in between. The image contains some coded information usually decoded using a barcode scanner. The bars are mostly commonly black in color printed on a background of choice.

What is a QR code?

QR Code is the short form of Quick Response code. The information comes in square shapes with irregular grid lines inside. Their origin is Japan and is credited with holding more information than barcodes and can be read using most smart phones.

What is acetone?

This is a chemical used to activate acetone-activated adhesive when it gets into contact with it. It is highly flammable and corrosive on most surfaces. Acetone-activated adhesive comes in dry state and without activation the tag cannot stick.

What is asset verification?

This is the process of confirming that all of an organization's assets are intact and the condition in which they are. It involves physically confirming that what is on the asset register is on the ground.

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