Fixed Asset Software in Kenya

metal tagsWeb-based asset management system
metal tagsMulti-company & multi-user system
metal tagsOn-premise or cloud hosting

Asset System Features

asset softwareFixed asset register & depreciation
barcode scannersEquipment maintenance management
integrationAsset movement, verification & disposal

System Integration

tagging servicesWorks with most barcode scanners
asset registerAPI for integration with other systems
depreciationImport existing register from Excel

Asset Management System

Apptec Solutions Ltd is a company specializing in provision of asset tagging services and asset management system in Kenya. The company also provides aluminium asset tags. We are based in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

  Web-based / Cloud System
  Detailed Fixed Asset Register
 Barcode Reader Integration
 Automated Depreciation
 Asset Audit & Verification
 Integration with other systems
 Role-based system access
  Automated Emails
 Many Clients in Kenya

AppTec AssetFile - Fixed Asset Management System

Asset Tracker

A fixed asset management system is a software that keeps track of all the aspects of an asset throughout its life-cycle from acquisition to disposal. This is achieved by having an updated fixed asset register. The system also captures depreciation, usage, maintenance expenses and disposal.

AppTec AssetFile fixed asset management system is a multi-company software that is a market leader in Kenya in the efficient management of any company's fixed assets. With it you can easily keep track of your fixed asset retitser - assets details, depreciation, location, ownership, checked-out & check-in, maintenance and condition of each asset. The software also aids in asset verification / inventory.

The software is web-based and can be hosted on-premises or on a cloud server and all your company branches will be connected.

Our company has been operating in Kenya from the year 2013 as a reliable provider of asset tagging services and asset management system and have built a significant client base since then.

AppTec AssetFile Fixed Asset Management System Features

Fixed Asset Register

asset register

Efficiently manage your fixed asset register.

AssetFile has a comprehensive fixed asset register capturing all key asset fields. The assets can be grouped and categorized into asset class, asset category, branch, department, etc.
  • Asset ID and serial number
  • Asset class and category
  • Location - room/floor where asset is currently located
  • Asset label/tag number (barcode)
  • Company department where asset is in use
  • Custodian responsible for the asset
  • Acquisition cost and capitalization date
  • Current depreciated (book) value of the asset
  • Accumulated depreciation amount
  • Asset picture & attachments

Asset Movement

asset register

User allocation and transfers

Keep track of asset movement from one custodian to another with provision for printing asset custody forms. In addition, the system captures transfer of assets from one cost centre to another.
  • Capture fixed asset allocation to personnel.
  • Record date, date due and actual return date.
  • The system keeps location change log.
  • Track asset condition at check-out and check-in.
  • For assets being transferred an approval flow if provided.

Equipment Maintenance

asset register

Keep a history of maintenance activities and expenses.

Some fixed assets e.g machines and vehicles require routine maintenance. AssetFile asset system enables you to track maintenance of each fixed asset in terms of dates, service provider, cost and the next service date / mileage.
  • Registers type of service and work done.
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Service date and the next service date for maintenance scheduling.
  • Details of the vendor or personnel undertaking the service are also captured.

Asset Verification / Audit

asset register

Certify asset availability and condition

Using AssetFile asset management software, you can do stock take / inventory to confirm asset availability and condition of each asset and generation of exception reports.

The system also highlights assets that are in unexpected locations within the company. A barcode scanner is used to enable a quick and accurate audit of your assets.
  • Capture assets verified and compare against asset register
  • Capture changes in location, department,custodian, etc
  • Generate verification exception reports
  • The system integrates with barcode scanners making the process very fast

Uncapitalized Assets

asset register

Manage uncapitalized assets

For uncapitalized assets that are still under development, the software allows you to capture the costs related to various tasks and inputs. On completion, all the costs are aggregated to form the acquisition cost for that asset.
  • Capture all uncapitalized assets
  • Track expenses on inputs, lobour, etc related to each uncapitalized asset
  • Track percentage of completion of each project
  • Transfer the asset with all its related costs to the fixed asset register once completed

Fixed Asset Disposal

asset register

Dispose / retire assets

AssetFile Fixed Asset Management System allows you to record disposal of assets after their useful life. Assets may be sold, donated or retained (retired). For those sold, any gain or loss in value is captured. Since disposal is a crutial part of an asset's life-cycle, an approval process is provided.
  • User-definable asset disposal methods eg sale
  • User-definable reasons for disposal
  • Capture date of disposal and item's useful life.
  • Record cash proceeds on disposal and calculate the gain/loss in value.

Asset Register Reports

asset register

Standard and custom reports

Generate fixed asset register reports which can be viewed in the system and exported to pdf or Excel

AssetFile fixed asset management system offers you many standard and customized reports.
  • Asset summary report
  • Fixed Asset register
  • Fully depreciated assets
  • Asset by custodian
  • Asset status report
  • Overdue check-in
  • Asset check in/out history
  • Asset maintenance history
  • Asset movement report

Personnel Management

asset register

Manage employees and custodians

The system enables you to manage employee profiles of the people who can be defined as users or custodians. Existing list of such users can be imported from Excel or from Active Directory.
  • Manage employee details and contacts
  • Import list of employees from Excel
  • Import employees from Active Directory
  • Group employees into branches, departments, etc
  • Enable / disable a person for asset allocation or loging in to the system

Why Consider AssetFile Fixed Asset Management System?

Web-based Multi-company system

The software is to be installed at one server and be accessible in all your branches with cantralized data storage. It can be hosted on a server in your premises or in the cloud.

With its multi-company capability, you can manage assets for different companys from the same interface while at the same time being able to generate distinct reports for each company and also restricting access for some users to their company assets only.

Barcode Scanner Integration

The software can work with all standard barcode / qrcode scanners. Barcode scanners ensure identification of assets is both easy and accurate.

Barcode / qrcode reading is very useful when identifying many assets especially when doing verification.

Track Full Asset Life-cycle

Capture all asset data right from acquisition, movement, maintenance, verification and all the way to disposal. The system flags items due for maintenance or warranty expiry.

Through the verification module, you can capture missing assets and those that have been moved across departments and branches.

Manage all Assets in One Place

This is a multi-company asset management software.

All asset information, personnel details and history of transactions are stored in one database. The system allows multiple concurrent users to view and upate the data.

Data Security and Access control

Data security is ensured since users have to be authenticated for them to access the system. Each user is assigned a particular role that determines what they can do or not do in each module.

For on-premise hosting, the software seamlessely integrates with Active Directory.

The software also provides a database backup feature.

Processes Supported By AssetFile Fixed Asset Management System

  • User/personnel management and login
  • Sycronizing with Active Directory
  • User-role management
  • Asset register creation, editing and updating
  • Updating accumulated depreciation per asset
  • Write-off and disposal
  • Checking out assets that are being issued
  • Checking in assets that are being returned
  • Asset transfer
  • Scanning of barcodes / qrcode asset tags
  • Generation of Asset IDs
  • Email notifications

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