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Asset Tracker AppTec AMS Fixed Asset Management/Tracking System is powerful tool designed for the efficient management and tracking of any company's fixed assets. Each Institution needs to know the value of their fixed assets, their location, custodian, the date they were checked out, expected return date and the current status of each asset. It is also important to have a software that tracks the movement history of each asset and its depreciation as time passes by. AppTec AMS Fixed Asset Software gives you these and much more. The system is developed and maintained locally and is highly flexible to suit your specific needs.
AppTec Fixed Asset Tracker gives you:
  • Comprehensive fixed asset register with details such as asset category, serial number, location, department, custodian, purchase date,warranty expirytion date, etc.
  • Categorization and Grouping of assets into accounting groups such as Land, Computers and accessories, Furniture and fittings, Buildings, Machinery and tools, Office equipment and Motor vehicles. Other groupings based on location, department and asset status are also available.
  • Management of personnel using the assets and tracking who has what at any time.
  • Asset allocation control that registers checking in and out of assets. History of asset movement also logged.
  • Asset Service tracking. For serviceable assets, details on history of service, next service dates and warranty validity are kept.
  • Asset Disposal records. A record of all assets no longer in use is kept to indicate their residual value for accounting purposes.
  • Vendor Informatin. The system records contact information for various vendors that supply the assets and associates them with those assets.

Key Benefits of our Asset Management/Tracking Software:

Intuitive and Friendly User Interface

It is easy to use and provides intuitive user interface with all features accessible from well arranged menus. Descriptive links are used to ensure smooth movement across the system.

Manage all Assets from one Place

All asset information, personnel details and history of transactions are stored in onde database. The system can be networked so all users can access the same information across your network.

Barcode Intergration

The software has barcode scanning capabilty which ensuring identification of assets is both easy and accurate by use of barcode tags.

Flexible Configuration by the Client

The Client is able to configure all company specific information such as Departments, Locations,asset types and much more. This ensures it is flexible enough to fit the needs of any company.

Data Security and Access control

Data security is ensured since users are required to use authentication password to access the system. Processes such as issuing and receiving of items are also restricted to ensure only the authorized people are able to do it.

Features included in AppTec AMS Fixed Asset Management Software:

Asset Register

asset register
  • Asset ID and Serial Number
  • Asset Category
  • Location -Room/Floor where asset is currently located
  • Asset Label Number (barcode)
  • Compny Department where asset is in use
  • Custodian responsible for the asset
  • Manufacturer or Vendor of the asset
  • Acquisition Date
  • Acquisition Asset Price
  • Current Condition of the asset
  • Current depreciated value of the asset
  • Accumulated depreciation ammount
  • Asset status - issued, out for service etc
  • Personnel Database

    Fixed assets The software allows you to capture information on the users of both the software and the assets.
    • Identification information - Name, employee number, location, department and National ID number.
    • Contact Details - Office and home phone numbers, mobile number and email address.
    • Access control for accessing the system by use of username and passed.
    • A list of all items held by each person
    • Activity history that records check outs and returns related to a particuar person.

    Asset Allocation

    asset system This module records all allocations of particular assets to personel. The identity of both the asset and the allocated person are captured. Issue date and return date are also captured.
    • Captures the asset and the person it is allocated to alloated.
    • Allocation date, date due and actual return date are recorded.
    • Status of the asset when being issued and at return time is also captured.
    • The system also records any charges that might be necessitated by damage on item or late return.

    Asset Service Management

    For Fixed assets that require regular servicing, it is important to keep record of their service history and the next time they are due for service.
    • Registeres type of service and details regarding work done.
    • Cost implication of service in terms of parts, labour and taxes are captured.
    • Service start date and completion date are recorded. The next time the item is due for service is also captured to help with planning purposes.
    • Any relevant notes regarding quality of work done and any recommendations are recorded,

    Asset Disposal Information

    AppTec AMS Fixed Asset Management Software allows you to record what became of a particular item after its useful period of time.
    • Date of disposal is recorded and can be compared with acquisition date to give an indication of the items useful time period.
    • If the asset is sold, the disposal value is captured and used when calculating the overall asset values.

    User Management & Security

    • Manages access to the system through authentication by username and password.
    • Controls level of access based on whether a user is an employee, a supervisor or an administrator.


    • This module records all vendors supplying your company with assets.
    • Contact information of the vendors is regisred.
    • The vendors are linked to the assets they supply.


    asset reports AppTec AMS Fixed Asset Management Software offers you many standard and customized reports. Some of these include:
    • Personnel list
    • All assets report
    • Asset by custodian
    • Asset status report
    • Asset value report: Purchase price and Current price
    • Depreciation Analysis report
    • Annual asset Report
    • Asset Check in/out history
    • Asset Service History
    • Warranty expiration, scheduled service and overdue checkout reports
    • Annual audit report
    • Financial year asset value report

    Processes supported by the System

    AppTec AMS Fixed Asset Tracker supports the following processes:
    • User/personnel management and login
    • Asset registration, editing and updating
    • Checking out assets that are being issued
    • Checking in assets that are being returned
    • Accepting of allocated Assets by personnel
    • Updating Accumulated Depreciation per asset
    • Reading and Processing of Barcodes/asset tags
    • Auditing and audit reporting
    • Reporting

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