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AppTec Payroll System allows employees to fill and submit timesheets from wherever they are including staff working in the field. It facilitates timesheet approval process where only approved timecards are considered in the payroll.

Features & Benefits

  • Online Timesheet Management - Let your employees apply for and view the status of their timecards either over the intranet or over the internet.
  • Define Overtime Types - allows setting of different types of overtime each with its own payment rate e.g. Overtime 1.5 for overtime earned on weekdays and overtime 2.0 for weekends and national holidays.
  • Define Projects and Tasks and associate them to the timesheets. This allows cost analysis in terms of hours and money spent on various projects and tasks.
  • Timesheet Periods - define timesheet periods that restrict dates between which hours applied for are considered valid for the payroll
  • Flexible Access - this online payroll system allows both the employee or their supervisor to submit timesheets.
  • Timecards can be created, saved and then submitted later.
  • Flexible timesheet policies in line with the client's Company policies.
  • Timesheet Hours are calculated automatially and all timesheets for a particular payroll period aggregated by the payroll software.