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This is an internet-based Bulk SMS service that allows you to log in, upload contacts, buy credits and send SMS in bulk. You can automatically generate SMS messages from client database using its mail merge feature. It allows you to use your name as the sender ID thus your outgoing messages are branded. There are no software charges for our free online bulk sms software, just buy credits and send your SMS messages. Schools, Insurance Agencies, Churches, SACCOs, Chamas and any other organization intending to stay in touch with their clients will find great use of AppTec Bulk SMS System. This tool keeps you ahead of the competition due to the effectiveness of bulk sms marketing.
The system also allows interfacing with your existing customer management systems giving them sms communication capability.
Bulk SMS branded Send Branded SMS Messages in bulk - Promote your brand by sending sms with the name of your organization. This improves your image and authenticity to the recipient.
Bulk SMS branded Online SMS Service - Access and control your account from any internet enabled device using the best free sms software .
Bulk SMS schedule Schedule SMS messages - Let the system handle scheduling of outgoing sms including setting send intervals and stop date.
 SMS ebills Send Bills and Invoices via SMS - Update your clients directly on their phones on payments due
Bulk SMS contacts Keep Track of your clients' contacts in an online database which can be shared conveniently
 SMS generator Automatically generate SMS messages from client data - Just feed your raw data to the system and it will generate and format sms messages based on your parameters.

Features Provided in AppTec Bulk SMS Service

SMS export Personalized Sender ID. Brand each outgoing SMS with your name Bulk SMS contacts Online Contacts Store your contacts in your online account, access it from anywhere and share your contacts easily.Your exsisting contacts can be imported into your account from a .xls file
sending mass sms Send SMS messages in Bulk - Allows sending of one or multiple messages. One can easily select recipients using the grouping feature SMS drafts Message drafts for common messages
SMS export Exporting feature. This feature allows transferring of contents e.g. contacts or sms delivery reports from your online account  SMS delivery reports SMS Send Status and Delivery Reports.Track every sent sms to ensure it reached intended recipient
Scheduling SMS SMS Scheduling. SMS Messages can be stored and sent at predefined time SMS statistics Sent SMS Statistics that gives a record of all sent messages. It also allows you to filter by date intervals
Bulk SMS composer Message generating / SMS Composing feature that allows automatic generation of bulk messages given a database of client details as input  SMS interface Interface with you current systems. Give your current systems SMS capability by linking to your online account.

Key Benefits of our Bulk SMS System



The system is used in conjunction with GSM telecommunication carriers in Kenya thus delivery of your SMS is guaranteed.
sms speed


Thousands of SMS messages can be sent in bulk within minutes. This saves greatly on time as compared to making calls to many clients.
sms cost

Cost Savings

The cost of sending a message is normally less than that of an average call. This saves overall communication cost in terms of money spent on air time. The amount of time saved communicating to the clients also translates into financial savings.
2 way

Web-based SMS

This product is internet-based. You can access your sms account from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection either from your laptop, tablet, smart phone..etc
group sms

Personalised sender ID

You get to brand your ougoing messages using your name. This increases authenticity of your messages and propagates your brand in the market.
sms compose

SMS Generating (Composing) feature

This feature allows the system to compose messages based on imported input data that specifies particular recipient details. This is normally important when sending personalized messages in bulk based on your client database.
multi user

Importing feature

Import your existing contacts in .xls format and strore them online. You can also import messages for sending.
multi user

User-friendly interface

Simple-to-use interface which is intuitive even for first time users.
sms compose

SMS Delivery Reports

Delivery log overview of sent messages is generated. It allows you to filter by dates and to export the data.
sms compose

SMS Scheduling

The system allows you to both send your messages immediately or to schedule them for future sending.
sms compose

Online contacts database

Your contacts are stored in your account and you do not need to upload them each time you want to send sms. You also get to conveniently share your contacts with other members of your group.
sms compose

Pay for Sent SMS only

There are no setup or maintenace charges required. You only buy credits when you want to send messges.
sms compose

Quality Support

If you are stuck, just notify us and our technical support team will resolve your issues promptly.
sms compose

Integration with other systems

We have the capacity to integrate your systems with our sms platform.

How to Register for our Bulk SMS Service

To register for Bulk SMS services, fill in the form to the right of this page and send to us. You require the following:

1. Sender ID – Not more than 11 characters long
2. Contact telephone number (preferably mobile)
3. Contact email address
4. Names of contact person
5. Company Name

How to Send Bulk SMS

Step 1
Login to your account and confirm you have sufficient SMS credits.

Step 2
Import your address book into your SMS account. Create groups to categorize your contacts and then Upload your existing contact list in .xls file format.

Step 3
Select your desired SMS message recipients. If the message is intended for a particular group, just select the group name. You can also paste a list of the numbers you want to send to.

Step 4
Type in your SMS message and personalize it for recipients by inserting custom information fields easily, from your contact list. For example: Dear <% First Name%>, your payment for water bill is due by 30th of this month. Please ensure you pay before then to avoid disconnection.
The phrase <% First Name%> will be substituted by the first name corresponding to each customer.

Step 5
Send your messages. It’s that easy!

You can check the status of your sent messages in the Reports section.

Generation of Personalised SMS Messages

Our system allows you to conviniently generate SMS messages from your client data through its mailmerge feature.

Example: Assume youu have a School Fees Database containing the data below
NameStudent ADM NoFee BalancePayment Date
JoelADM00515,000/-15th March 2014
MercyADM2006,500/-2nd June 2017
Each recipient will get a personalised SMS based on the data above as follows:

SMS 1:
Dear Joel, Please pay Sh.15,000 fee arrears for student registered as ADM005 by 15th March 2014.
SMS 2:
Dear Mercy, Please pay Sh.6,500 fee arrears for student registered as ADM200 by 2nd June 2017.


Bulk SMS (Otherwise knows as Bulk Messages or Bulk Text) is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phones. These bulk messages can be free, can be paid for by the sender or the recipient.

Common applications of Bulks SMS:
1.Media houses can use bulk messages to disseminate news or collect feedback
2.Businesses can use bulk messages for marketing their producs.
3.One can use bulk messages for entertainment purposes such as sending ringtones or music or quizzes.
4.You can also use bulk messages for alerts, reminders but also for information and communication between both staff and customers.
5.Bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world.


There are many benefits of including SMS marketing in your overall marketing strategy:

Reduced marketing costs
A lot of time is saved as you reach many people within a short time. The charges for making a call is also higher than that of a text message.
As 94% of all text messages are read, your marketing sms will be seen by virtually all of your recipients.
Qualified Recipients
Since your subscribers have opted-in to receiving your offers and promotional messages, you know they have an active interest in your business, and your products.
SMS messages are sent withing minutes allowing you to reach thousands of recipients in no time.
Range of Use
SMS marketing can be used for a wide range of purposes: announcing a new product, offers, new store openings, special events etc. Subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only they have access to, increasing loyalty, purchases, and speed of communications.
Your customer management systems can be automated to send SMS messages based on vairous prompts e.g dates. This capability would be very handy where repetitive messaging is required and where the sms content includes personalised client data.

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Please Contact us for bulk sms services, registration of your sms sender ID, Integration of your system to send automated sms, sms marketing and a demo on our Bulk SMS System.

AppTec Bulk SMS System is applicable to any organization due to the huge benefits associated with sms communication. Below are just but a few of the organizations currently utilizing sms messages to keep in touch with their clients, members, suppliers, students, patients, friends e.t.c:

1. Bulk SMs for Schools, Colleges and Universities
2. Bulk SMs for Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers and Agents
3. Bulk SMs for Banks, Sacco’s and Other Financial Institutions
4. Bulk SMs for Airlines, Corporate companies, Businesses
5. Bulk SMs for Churches in communicating with their members
6. Bulk SMs for Hotels and Hospitals
7. Bulk SMs for NGO's and Trade Unions
8. Bulk SMs for Legal services providers
9. Bulk SMs for Courier Service Companies
10. Bulk SMs for Debt collection agencies and Real Estate Managers
11. Bulk SMs for Transposrt Companies and Saccos
12. Bulk SMs for Chamas and other Investment Groups
13. Bulk SMs for Airlines
14. Bulk SMs for Vehicle dealers and Service providers
15. Bulk SMs for Social and Business networking groups
16. Bulk SMs for Travel and logisticas companies

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Our SMS Service Options
online SMS1. Online SMS System
This is an internet based system. You log in to an internet account, buy credits and send SMS. This product allows you to brand your messases by using a personalised Sender ID.

modem SMS2. Modem-Based SMS System
This is a Software that uses a GSM modem to send and Receive SMS. It uses a SIM card to which you load airtime. This option allows you to use SMS bundles offered by network providers. You do not need an internet connection to use this product.

Popular Bulk SMS Users in Kenya

schools sms

Bulk SMS Service for Schools

  • Sending fee balance updates to parents via sms
  • Sending Bulk Examination results to students/parents
  • Notifying guardians on School events like visiting day, sports day etc. directly on their phones using sms
  • General communication in case of emergencies by broadcasting a text message
  • SMS can be used for receiving feedback and queries from Parents/Guardians
  • Keeping track of contacts
  • insurance sms

    Bulk SMS Marketing for Insurance Agencies/Brokers

  • Sending policy renewal reminders to clients through SMS.
  • Communicating changes in rates and introduction of new products
  • Sending SMS thank-you notes
  • Keeping track of client contacts and managing them efficiently
  • Automated sms system allows scheduling of repetitive reminders
  • Automatically Generating sms messages given client details as an input

  • sms for church

    Bulk SMS System for Churches

  • Sharing devotional material and bible verses by sms
  • Sending SMS reminders for meetings and important events
  • Registration for events and activities e.g. participation in trips and missions by members sending sms
  • SMS can be used to make orders for materials e.g. Music CDs, books, message tapes etc.
  • Members can send prayer requests through sms messages
  • Receiving questions and comments related to bible study and managing them using the sms system
  • Sending Group SMS for notification to various groups in the church

  • Why use AppTec Bulk SMS System (Modem Option)?

  • Unlimited SMS tarrifs. Most networks offer unlimited SMS tariff allowing you to send unlimited SMS per day when using the SIM card option

  • Dedicated SMS number. Since our solution uses a SIM card which you choose from your local telecom provider, you will always have a dedicated SMS number of your choice which will always be used for SMS purposes.

  • 2 way SMS. This product provides the ability to both send and receive text messages

  • No internet connection Required. Since our solution uses delivery via a modem which uses a SIM card no Internet connectivity is required. This allows mobility as you can manage your messages from the office, home and even when you are on the field.

  • Message Delivery Reports. A delivery report function is available that allows the sender to confirm that the message has actually been received by the recipient.

  • Scheduling. Messages can be sent at a pre-determined date & time, i.e. you can schedule SMS for later delivery. This feature also has a repeat function which allows you to keep sending a particular message at specified intervals.

  • SMS Generating (Composing) feature. This advanced feature allows the system to compose messages based on imported input data that specifies particular recipient details. The result is personalized messages for each recipient.