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School System AppTec School Management Software is the ultimate school and education centre management system designed for the convenient and efficient running of your institution. This is a software application designed to address all aspects of an education institution. It is used by training centres and institutions of learning to enhance quality in data management and efficiency in data and information disbursement. Your institution will benefit by having well organized data and at the same time save you lots of time in data manipulation. The system's simple interface makes it remarkably easy to use while offering all the tools you will need to run your school smoothly. The system is developed and maintained locally and is highly flexible to suit your specific needs.

Key Benefits of our School Management System:

SMS and Email Capable

The system avails efficient and convenient methods of sending notifications and reports to guardians in the form of SMS and email. It also helps you to automatically generate the content to be sent.

Intuitive and Friendly User Interface

It is easy to use and provides intuitive user interface with all features accessible from one window. The arrangement of the windows and icons add more convenience to the usage.

Can be Networked

The System can be networked across a computer network allowing many users to share the same database. This ensures consistency of data and allows all users to get the most updated data.

Flexible Configuration by the Client

The Client is able to configure all school specific information such as Contact information, sunjects offered, number of students, classes, fee structures and much more.

Importing of Existing Data

AppTec School Management System allows you to import your existing data from Microsoft Excel of text files. Assistance on how to do this is available when setting up the system.

Graphical Analysis for Marks

The system contains tools which allow the user to do graphical analysis of studentsí performance by generating graphical charts.

Grouping and Filtering

The software allows you to easily filter and group information by year, term, stream and class or even by each student.

Data Security

Data security is ensured since users are required to use authentication password to access the system. You also have control on which modules each user can access.

Features included in AppTec School Management System:

Student & Family Information

  • Keeps student contact and demographic information including a profile picture, parent's contacts and emergency contact details.
  • Tracks student's discipline, medical and general background information.
  • Tracks student through various classes from entry to graduation.
  • Allows grouping and filtering of students by classes and streams and generation of class lists.
  • Facilitates generation of SMS messages for general or immergency communication.
  • Keeps record of Alumni.

Student Performance Analysis

School performance
  • Allocates subjects being taken by each student.
  • Tracks performance in Examinations and CATs.
  • Generates performance averages per student, stream or class.
  • Generates detailed Report Cards for each student
  • Generates grade summaries per stream and per class e.g the total count of As.
  • Provides graphical analysis giving charts and trends.
  • Facilitates generation of SMS messages on performance summary.

Fees Management Module

  • Allows definition of fee structures and allocation to students.
  • Processing of fee payments by tracking each transaction and generating receipts.
  • Tracks fee payment history per student.
  • Generates summaries on fee payments and fee balances.
  • Generates printouts for fee structures and fee balances for students to take home.
  • Provides graphical analysis giving charts and trends.
  • Facilitates generation of SMS messages on fee balances.

Student school Activities

  • Records student performance in various activities e.g. sports and leadership responsibilities. The period undertaken and comments on performance is included. The records here form a critical input to the student's leaving certificate and future referrals.

School Inventory Management

  • Provides efficient record keeping of school property.
  • Tracks issuing and returning of items.
  • Tracks items held by a particular person at any given time.
  • Provides visibility on items held overdue.
  • Makes clearance of students very easy as all items held by them can be accounted for.

Data Importing Feature

  • This feature allows importing of existing data e.g. student profiles into the database.
  • Data can be imported into any of the tables using a customizable import interface.
  • Both Excel and CSV data sources supported.

User Management & Security

  • Manages access to the system through authentication by username and password.
  • Allows customizable configuration of which modules a user accesses.

SMS Communication Feature

  • Sends notifications to parents on fee balances, examination results, important events and other general messages.
  • Provides an intuitive interface for automatically generating the messages.
  • Useful for staff communication.

Student Reports

  • The system generates Report cards, Fee Structures and Fee Balance reports on PDF format.
  • Allows printing of payment receipts.
  • Exporting of reports to Excel and CSV is supported from all modules.

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