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Payroll Deductions

AppTec Payroll System is designed to allow well organized and efficient management of both Statutory and Voluntary salary deductions.
Statutory deductions: PAYE,NSSF and NHIF returns, are calculated and generated by the software in the standard format ready for submission. AppTec Payroll also manages Voluntary deductions e.g loans, helb loan, contribution to saccos and pension schemes.

Features & Benefits

  • The system allows automated monitoring of deductions with preset end dates e.g bank loans and factors the end dates in payroll calculations.
  • Payroll Deductions are grouped into categories for ease of management
  • Set deductions as active or inactive. Active deductions are automatically incorporated into payroll calculations.
  • Employees can view their payroll deductions history via the Employee Self Service
  • Summaries for various deductions can be generated from the Payroll Analysis module

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