Our Bulk SMS Service offers you
Bulk SMS inbox An unlimited inbox for storing all incoming messages Bulk SMS contacts Contacts Management. Allows importing of current contacts from Excel file, SIM card or Outlook
sending mass sms Sending Bulk SMS messages. Easily select recipients using the grouping feature SMS drafts Message drafts for common messages
SMS export Exporting feature for contacts and inbox.  SMS delivery reports Reports for SMS Send Status and Delivery.
Scheduling SMS SMS Scheduling. SMS Messages are stored and sent at predefined time including repetitive sending SMS statistics SMS Send/Receive Statistics that gives count of total sent and total received SMSes over a given period of time.
Bulk SMS composer Message generating/ SMS Composing feature that allows automatic generation of bulk messages from your client database  SMS autoreply Automated SMS Reply feature that automatically sends feedback on reception of an SMS message having a preset keyword
Bulk SMS calendar Events Calendar with SMS reminders
Bulk SMS Service - Usage & Applications

Bulk SMS can be used to meet many communication and marketing needs in any organization. Some ot these include:

Reliability Sending E-bills and invoices to customers via sms in bulk
sms speed Allowing customers to send an SMS to query the status of their account especially for subcription services like pay television
sms speed Informing students of their examination results. Students can send sms query or the school can brodcast a text message to each student containing the results
sms cost Companies can use bulk sms messages to disseminate news updates or collect feedback.
2 way Bulk SMS messages can be used for marketing and brand popularization. Keep your customers loyal by giving regular sms updates
entertainment sms SMS for entertainment - sending Quotes, motivational sms messages, ringtones and music
sms alerts You can also use bulk sms messages for alerts and reminders to your customers on new products and services or payments they need to make
staff messages For communication between staff in the office and field and sending meeting notifications via sms.
scheduled sms For scheduling and sending birthday messages. Your customers will feel appreciated and valued when they get a regular sms on their birthday
bulk greetings Sending Seasonal Greetingsr. This can be done within a few minutes by using Bulk SMS
survey text message Collecting feedback from your clients and doing surveys. SMSes sent by your respondents can be grouped and analysed.
booking via sms Customers can place orders and bookings via SMS for various products and services.

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Most Popular SMS Users in Kenya

schools sms

Bulk SMS Service for Schools

  • Sending fee balance updates to parents
  • Sending Examination results to students/parents
  • Notifying guardians on School events like visiting day, sports day etc.
  • General communication in case of emergencies
  • Receiving feedback and queries from Parents/Guardians
  • Keeping track of contacts
  • insurance sms

    Bulk SMS for Insurance Agencies

  • Sending policy renewal reminders to clients
  • Communicating changes in rates and introduction of new products
  • Sending thank-you notes
  • Keeping track of client contacts and managing them efficiently
  • Scheduling of repetitive reminders
  • Automatically Generating messages given client details as an input

  • sms for church

    Bulk SMS for Churches

  • Sharing devotional material and bible verses
  • Sending reminders for meetings and important events
  • Registration for events, activities etc. e.g. participation in trips and missions
  • Making orders for materials e.g. Music CDs, books, message tapes etc.
  • Recording prayer requests
  • Receiving questions and comments related to bible study

  • Why use AppTec Bulk SMS System?

  • Unlimited SMS tarrifs. Most networks offer unlimited SMS tariff allowing you to send unlimited SMS per day when using the SIM card option

  • Dedicated SMS number. Since our solution uses a SIM card which you choose from your local telecom provider, you will always have a dedicated SMS number of your choice which will always be used for SMS purposes.

  • 2 way SMS. This product provides the ability to both send and receive text messages

  • No internet connection Required. Since our solution uses delivery via a modem which uses a SIM card no Internet connectivity is required. This allows mobility as you can manage your messages from the office, home and even when you are on the field.

  • Message Delivery Reports. A delivery report function is available that allows the sender to confirm that the message has actually been received by the recipient.

  • Scheduling. Messages can be sent at a pre-determined date & time, i.e. you can schedule SMS for later delivery. This feature also has a repeat function which allows you to keep sending a particular message at specified intervals.

  • SMS Generating (Composing) feature. This advanced feature allows the system to compose messages based on imported input data that specifies particular recipient details. The result is personalized messages for each recipient.