Bulk SMS - Advantages of SMS Communication

SMS messaging is a text-based communication tool that enables a user to send short messages to another user. The service is available on all modern phones and sms capable tablets. Normally one short message is 160 characters long. Several messages can however be joined and sent as one long message.
Text messaging has some advantages over other means of communication.

Reliability It is Cheaper: Sending a text message is less expensive than placing a regular phone call or video call. The process takes only a few seconds thus saving you a lot of time.
sms speed Record keeping: A person can easily deny or misrepresent the information you gave them on a phone call, but when you send a text message, it is stored in your "sent items," while for the receiver, it is available in their inbox. It is a good way to keep record and remember contents of a conversation.
sms cost Less Inturruption: sms is a good form of communication in situations where phone calling is not appropriate e.g during a meeting or when you want to keep your conversation private.
2 way An sms system can be automated to send messages and alerts when required including repetitive reminders.
group sms The application interacts well with your existing customer contacts allowing you to do mass communication within a short time
sms compose Scheduling of SMS is Possible for future sending
multi user SMS has a wider reach as most people have a cellphone.
multi user People are familiar with the sending and receiving of SMS messages since its a simple process.
multi user People are able to respond quickly to an SMS as apposed to email.

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Most Popular Users in Kenya

schools sms

Bulk SMS for Schools

  • Sending fee balance updates to parents
  • Sending Examination results to students/parents
  • Notifying guardians on School events like visiting day, sports day etc.
  • General communication in case of emergencies
  • Receiving feedback and queries from Parents/Guardians
  • Keeping track of contacts
  • insurance sms

    Bulk SMS for Insurance Agencies

  • Sending policy renewal reminders to clients
  • Communicating changes in rates and introduction of new products
  • Sending thank-you notes
  • Keeping track of client contacts and managing them efficiently
  • Scheduling of repetitive reminders
  • Automatically Generating messages given client details as an input

  • sms for church

    Bulk SMS for Churches

  • Sharing devotional material and bible verses
  • Sending reminders for meetings and important events
  • Registration for events, activities etc. e.g. participation in trips and missions
  • Making orders for materials e.g. Music CDs, books, message tapes etc.
  • Recording prayer requests
  • Receiving questions and comments related to bible study

  • Why use AppTec Bulk SMS System?

  • Unlimited SMS tarrifs. Most networks offer unlimited SMS tariff allowing you to send unlimited SMS per day when using the SIM card option

  • Dedicated SMS number. Since our solution uses a SIM card which you choose from your local telecom provider, you will always have a dedicated SMS number of your choice which will always be used for SMS purposes.

  • 2 way SMS. This product provides the ability to both send and receive text messages

  • No internet connection Required. Since our solution uses delivery via a modem which uses a SIM card no Internet connectivity is required. This allows mobility as you can manage your messages from the office, home and even when you are on the field.

  • Message Delivery Reports. A delivery report function is available that allows the sender to confirm that the message has actually been received by the recipient.

  • Scheduling. Messages can be sent at a pre-determined date & time, i.e. you can schedule SMS for later delivery. This feature also has a repeat function which allows you to keep sending a particular message at specified intervals.

  • SMS Generating (Composing) feature. This advanced feature allows the system to compose messages based on imported input data that specifies particular recipient details. The result is personalized messages for each recipient.